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About Craig E. Thompson Insurance Agency

My name is Craig Thompson and I have been selling health insurance in California since 1983 and have had a health insurance website since 1994. As a health insurance broker, I am independent and provide unbiased "Web-based" insurance information to individuals, families and small businesses.

My website,, has online services that will help you in your search, review and analysis of all major insurance companies in California. My website provides the tools for you to make informed decisions concerning your insurance needs and even has online applications that allow you to apply directly to the insurance company. Call me anytime for assistance, 1-800-300-7231, or you can email me,  

Since the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) became law in 2013 and have helped over 1,000 people find good affordable health plans through our state health exchange, Covered California. I can help you figure out your premium assistance (a monthly amount that you may qualify for, depending on your age, income and other factors) and I can also can help you choose the right health plan. The Covered California application can be quite complicated and it does not cost you any extra to use the services of a Certified Agent.

 I am a California native and have lived in Marin County since 1980. I am married with one cat. When I'm not selling insurance, you can find me hiking in the high Andes of Peru, attending a temple ceremony on the island of Bali, enjoying a sopa Azteca on the Zocalo in Oaxaca, Mexico, strumming my 'ukulele on a beach in Hawaii, or traveling to some other far off exotic destination. I can also occasionally be found on my bicycle on the back roads of Marin County.